Thursday, April 5, 2012


ORIGIN:  If he were to ever stumble upon this blog (doubt it), he'd know I was talking about him because I've called him that to his face before. Anyway, I met this guy at Circle nightclub (NYC, not Seoul) in the fall of 2010. The "boy" part is because he's younger than I am, but just by a year.

THEN: To say that we "met" is an overstatement. I was at Circle for a few hours with my girl friends, kind of bored out of my mind and feeling disoriented because of the fog or whatever it's called. I was dancing around and lip syncing along to a Biggie song (I used to read word up magazine!) when I saw him smirk at me. He, in all his 6'3 built like a line backer glory leaned over and gently grabbed me by the arm. I let him manhandle me because I was intrigued by him and his appreciative smirk for my enthusiasm in the Biggie song. See, old school hiphop fans kind of "get" each other that way. He said he liked my "Brooklyn sass" and I figured he'd be able to entertain me for the rest of the night. You know when you just know you click with someone? That's how it was like with him. Our humor bounced off each other and we were pretty chummy (no, not sexually) fairly quickly. He tried to kiss me goodnight when I was leaving, but I wouldn't let him. Only one man handling act per night, please!

We kept in contact on and off but did not see each other again until over a month later when I convinced him to come by the restaurant I was having a late night post birthday party dinner at. He must have thought I was trying to booty call him because that boy hopped in a cab and was at the restaurant in a jiffy! When we went outside, he turned me around and kissed me. Well, he actually proceeded to make out with me. The boy's a major manhandler I tell you. But by the sheer size of him, it's hard to fend him off. I didn't mind too much though, he was a good kisser ;)

I drove my two drunk friends back home (can you say..birthday sex?) and then drove back to his place. I was super tired so I took him up on his offer to crash. I honestly just wanted a place to sleep until I had to return my friend's car back to her the next morning but Circle Boy had other ideas. He said everything to convince me that we should sleep together, most of which I've forgotten but two of the memorable ones were: 

"But I'm horny" and "We don't have to have sex...I can just go down on you so my friends sitting in the living room can hear how much you're enjoying it". WOW. He was straight forward. Did it work? No. But it made him somewhat unforgettable. Unluckily for him, I was headstrong and exhausted, so I fell asleep while he laid there pouting. Haha.

NOW: I actually have one more story about Circle Boy, but more on that another time. I am no longer in contact with him though, but sometimes wonder about him and think he'd make a really fun summer fling