Friday, June 14, 2013


Where the hell have I been for the past 14 months? Wondered nobody.

Well I was in a relationship for a tad over a year, and that ended in March. I care about my ex-boyfriend and respect him so I will not disclose too much. I will say though, I am sad for the life we will never have together but relieved that I can finally admit to myself (and him) that maybe our lives were to only intertwine on a platonic level. I also not-so-secretly think that he should date his best friend's (female) cousin. I have a feeling that will happen before the first crunchy autumn leaf falls to the ground. Like my poetic flow there?

So now I am back here ready to share my terrifically horrfic stories of singlehood. After much hesitation, I joined an online dating site. I hate calling it such because my primary goal is not to date someone off the site, but to meet new people to socialize with. If it turns into something romantic, (surprisingly) great, but if not, I figured I would gain a new friend and date his hot friends (haha, half kidding). However, I don't think most guys think this way; either he gets to do you or he doesn't and if it's the latter, don't try to be his friend since he has plenty of those he can't do.

Stay tuned.

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