Monday, June 17, 2013


I cringe at the term "online dating". I don't have anything against the action itself, but I just hate that term. I think it's also because I sort of dislike the term "dating" but not as much as I dislike the term "seeing each other". Either you want to be with that person or you don't. That is just a nice way of saying "testing them out until I find something better" which is nice way of saying "I don't think they are good enough to be my boyfriend/girlfriend at the moment or ever".

But I digress. On Memorial Day weekend, I was feeling particularly down and sorry for myself because I realized I was spending so much time with my family (I love my family, but as a 28 year old woman, I noticed my social activities were dwindling and was scared that this was a sign of how the rest of my summer would go) and felt kind of like a loser.

So, I decided to do two things I was reluctant to do: watch Game of Thrones (awesome, but I am behind so please no spoilers) and join an "online dating site". I will not name names.

At first, it was actually pretty exciting. It was so easy! Just put some photos up and write about yourself and bam! Watch the messages and compliments flow in. I regularly kept in contact with a handful of them and agreed to meet up with three. So here is how it went:

Guy#1: I agreed to meet up with him because it turns out we went to the same high school (but never encountered one another, as the student population swelled over 4000) so I figured it was safe to meet up with him, plus maybe it would be easy for us to become pals. Long story short, he seemed like a nice guy but we did not click. Well, at least I got that memo, he hasn't as he texted me several times, and tried to add me and 2 other friends on Facebook. How do you gently turn someone down on friendship? Awkward.

Guy#2: I liked that he was tall (6'4?) and intelligent. Sadly, we didn't click, but I think he and I both got the memo so that saved the trouble of having to do the text message shuffle. At one point I asked him if he was either tired or high. Not to be rude, but more to break the ice and also because he really did look tired or high.

Guy#3: He was smart, and had a good sense of humor which were major pluses in my book. And so comes the "however..." part. I did not like the fact that he lied about his height. He was at least 3 inches shorter than his stated profile height. There is nothing wrong with your height, just don't lie about it. Although we clicked the most out of the 3 that I met up with, there were no sparks. Not sure if he got the memo on that but he's smart, he'll figure it out, I'm sure.

The next night, I cancelled my "online dating" account. Though I am not thrilled at being single while my friends are getting hitched left and right, I am not thrilled with the idea of online dating either. My main objective was not to find love (or lust), but to expand my social horizons and hopefully find someone cool to hang out with and see where it progresses. Sadly, most of these guys had other things in mind (no dirty thoughts, or at least not that dirty I don't think?) and we did not connect. It was a disappointing experience but, I'm pretty proud of myself for at least trying. I'm definetley trying to live up to the motto of doing something everday that scares you. Guess I'll have to try another outlet.

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