Monday, June 24, 2013


Last week I decided to quit/take an indefinite break from online socializing (yea I still refuse to use the term "online dating"). For now, I would rather spend more time with friends I actually know versus forcing myself to get to know a complete stranger. Don't I sound so outgoing?

In doing that, I realized...I am putting myself in the position of being a 3rd/5th/7th, etc wheel. I've planned out a bunch of free/cheap activities around the city this summer and I realized, despite being the coordinator, I will be the lone cheese, essentially. It's a good thing I am already friends with or like the significant others of my friends or else I'd be bringing the rain to my own parade. It's also a good thing I have just about a handful of single friends that I can force/gently coerce into going with me to said activities :)

I'm going to have to get back on that digital dating horse (wow I paint with words I tell you!) someday because I don't want to whine about being single forever and also to spice up this blog a bit. I'm previewing 2 other sites so I'll just wait and see when I have enough cajones/boredom to officially join them.

Meanwhile, here's an article from Refinery29 that single ladies should take a peek at, if only for entertainment.


  1. I'm the perpetual 3rd/5th/7th wheel too :) I am usually drawn to single girlfriends but inevitably they pair off. It's nice you can bring a 'date' to some of these coupled activities. Even when you're friends with the sig-o's, it's nice to have a partner if you're splitting food, etc.

  2. I don't think you should rule out "the thing that shall not be named." :) I've met a lot of amazing guys that way, but it's true, you have to go through some duds to find them. You can always ignore lame messages or leave a date early if it's wasting your time! Good luck.