Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This is probably one of the reigning kings of all clich├ęs. The thought was inspired by conversations with real-life nice guys such as my brother, two close friends, and an ex-boyfriend. So do you nice guys finish last? You might if:
  1. “Nice” is the only thing you have to offer. As in, it takes up more than say, 70% (just throwing out a number here) your noticeable personality traits. A friend of mine was throwing a house party last summer and invited the object of his affection. At that time he knew she was not interested in him but invited her anyway. Well she brought her new boyfriend along and let’s just say drama and reality hit my friend hard. When asked why he even bothered to extend the invite, he said he did not want to come off as a jerk by excluding her. Safe to say, sometimes it’s okay to exclude people that will make you uncomfortable in certain settings. Is this selfish? Slightly, but forgivable. Also, other than screwing yourself over, nobody gets to see the other great qualities about you. Are you witty? A great athlete? Well, if your niceness is overshadowing these traits, then nobody is going to notice. It okay to let your peacock feathers out once in a while!
  2. You are running in the wrong race / playing in the wrong game / have no game. Opposites attract and that may be a good explanation as to why so many nice guys are dating raging lunatic bitches. A nice guy may be more drawn to someone who is different than he is, and usually that is a woman he can’t keep up with but can’t help himself because he is hooked on the chase. Sometimes that woman is a raging lunatic bitch, and sometimes she is perfectly normal, but just not interested in him. Instead of dusting yourself off and expanding the search, you may just end up chasing the same type of women over and over again, because after all, you’re a nice guy, and people like nice, right? Here’s a tip: either stop chasing after women you can’t keep up with and don’t overlook the ladies that are also “nice” like you, or step up your game. The latter is a bit more challenging, I know.
  3. You’re not hot. I hate saying this, because it is so utterly shallow and it makes me cringe! But, looks matter. There’s inner beauty yada yada but outer beauty is something explicit and at face value.  However, I would consider this the least important out of the three because not everyone has to be good looking to survive the dating world. I just wanted to round out this list with 3 items and this was reasonable enough. You don’t have to be “hot” in a Channing Tatum sense, but just be physically appealing to someone out there, and that usually involves a degree of personal hygiene at least.

Please keep in mind, these are merely opinions I have formed over the years, knowing and dating nice guys myself, and also being what most would consider a “nice girl”. However, as of late,  I’m getting bored of life and would not mind dabbling in some bad behavior ;)