Sunday, January 26, 2014


So by now, some of you have already heard of the app, "Lulu" which allows us ladies to anonymously rate guys...some dub it the "Yelp for rating dudes". However, certain problems arise:

1) Unlike Yelp, these reviews are totally anonymous, are limited to whatever hashtags are provided by the app to describe the guy, and the person being rated does not know they are being rated (although I believe now that a guy can request to be rated).

2) It can bring out the psychos and the mean girls (hell-o digital Burn Book!) because of the anonymous factor, there are no repercussions for trashing a guy, and there is no incentive to be truthful, either.

3) Hypocrisy. A handful of the guy friends I've shared this with (a few had positive ratings, and the rest were not rated) were disgusted at the idea. They, along with others opposed to this app, brought up a good point; what if there was an app that allowed guys to rate girls? There would be an uproar!

I named the bad, but here are some good sides to the app:

1) Let it all out, girl! If you have been unfairly jilted and want to prevent the same bad fate to fall upon other women, then you can pass the word along without having to literally say anything.

2) It's not all bad. While an app like this could cause major damage to a lowly rated guy, many of the ratings I've seen are positive. I've given several out as well! I wanted to generate positive publicity for my awesome guy friends so I rated them truthfully, in case any girl out there was curious about them. As for the boys I've had negative experiences with, I either could not locate them on the app, or, once I got to their page, I felt like it would contribute nothing to my day if I used Lulu for evil.

3) It's entertaining. The app is like "Hot or Not" but with words! And only one photo of the guy (likely whatever his current FB profile pic is).

The overall summation: If anyone were to fight to shut Lulu down, I would not be opposed. If Lulu comes out strong and survives, I would also not be opposed. This app seems to mainly target the college and recent post-college set, so after a while, it does get stale if you don't fall into that category. I deleted the application after a couple of weeks because I no longer found it relevant to me.  I can imagine how ratings on an app like this can spread like wildfire through a college campus but we have so many other distractions in life that I can't see this as being too detrimental for too long. However, if the situation were flipped--if the gentlemen got a chance rate us, I believe we would have a much bigger problem at hand. 

Rate away...or not. 

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